What's New in PropCtrl Online

13 Feb 2023

Important Change coming to PropCtrl Mailers

We will soon be making a small but significant change to the way PropCtrl generates property alert emails for your customer base.

Until recently, PropCtrl has allowed users to send emails from our servers with an adjusted ‘from’ address – from the perspective of your clients, the email would look as though it came from your email address when in fact it came from ours.

This method of sending emails is now commonly used in spam, phishing and fraud attempts, which has led to many email providers (Such as Google and Microsoft, etc.) taking action against emails sent in this manner. Their email servers may automatically mark these messages as spam, or block the email from reaching the recipient entirely. This can reduce the delivery and open rates of your emails.

We have therefore made a small but significant change to the way in which emails are generated and sent from PropCtrl. The wizard to send mailers has remained largely unchanged, but the Send button has been updated to a Download button.

This button will now download a draft version of the email you wish to send, with the relevant recipients listed in the BCC field.

This can be opened with your own mail client (such as Outlook), and be either further customised or immediately sent on, thereby ensuring the secure delivery of your emails.

You can see a demonstration of the new workflow in the video below.