What's New in PropCtrl Online

06 Dec 2018

Push Notifications

Included in our December 2018 release is the addition of a handy new feature, push notifications. This feature will help you stay on top of event occurring in your agency as you go about your day, and let you act on these events as they happen.

On logging in, you may have noticed something like this pop up:

Notifications permission popup

If you click allow, PropCtrl can start sending notifications to your browser. This is an enhancement of the existing Notifications list on PropCtrl's homepage - instead of having to go back to the home page and check for notifications, you will now recieve the most recent notification every minute in a popup as long as you are logged in, presented like this:

Notification Popup

Once this notification shows, you can click on it to open the relevant record mentioned in the notififcation or close it and continue working.as long as you have your browser open and are logged into PropCtrl Online, you will continue to recieve notifications.

Note that in the interest of avoiding too many notifications, our initial version of this feature only returns the most recent notification every minute. Based on user feedback we may change this in a future release.